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Update - August 2017
The past couple of years have been quiet ones for the Ethics Commission. Since 2014, there has been one Advisory Opinion sought (in 2014) and no complaints have been filed. The Commission’s work has consisted mainly of reviewing the required County employee financial disclosure forms and lobbyist’s registrations. The Commission members have also met with new County employees at the County’s New Hire Orientations to explain the purpose and content of the County’s Ethics Ordinance. A more detailed overview of the work of the Ethics Commission is found in their Annual Reports for 2014 and 2015 in the Documents section of this website. The Annual Report for 2016 should be approved and posted shortly.

The current Ethics Commission members, all appointed by the County Commission, are Dale Anderson, Merle Rockwell, Francis Roudiez, Stan Ruddie, Kaarin Salisbury and Steffan Sonneveldt who serves as Chair of the Commission.
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Posted on 16 Aug 2017 by Mary Campbell
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