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County distributes obsolete financial disclosure forms
Last week the County distributed financial disclosure forms to be completed and filed by January 31.  For some reason, the County used the financial disclosure form that went with the repealed 1984 ethics law.      This form falls far short of implementing the financial disclosure requirements of the new law.  It only asks for gifts received.  It does not ask about property owned or business interests held, as required by the new ethics law.  (The minimal financial disclosure requirement of QAC’s 1984 ethics law was one of the reasons that law was the weakest in the State)
           Not implementing the new ethics law’s requirements is tantamount to granting a blanket exemption to County officials and employees from the law’s financial disclosure requirements.  This is plainly unlawful.
              Ethics Matters has asked the County to tell us who made the decision not to implement the requirements of the County’s ethics law and the reasoning behind the decision.  We will share their response with you. Publishing company takes blame for discrepancies
           The company that publishes the County code, General Code, has taken full responsibility for the textual differences between the Ethics Code as passed on Nov. 15, 2005 and as published as part of the County Code.  The company has promised to produce a corrected version.
     It is good that this situation has been straightened out.  General Code, which encoded all the County’s laws last year, should not be making textual changes in the law without first securing County approval.  The County should consider whether or not it should continue to use this company, and it should examine whether other County laws may have been improperly altered by General Code
January 12, 2006
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