Complaint, Court and Advisory Opinions

Complaint Opinions

(The Complaint Opinion is the final determination of the Ethics Commission resulting from a complaint hearing and includes written findings of fact, conclusions of law and recommendations. Any such reports or decisions shall be maintained by the Commission as public records and will be redacted to protect personally identifiable information as the Commission deems appropriate. If a violation is found, the Commission may take and/or recommend any enforcement action provided for by Section 8-16 et seq. of this chapter.)

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Court Opinion

Advisory Opinions

(Through Advisory Opinions, the Ethics Commission advises regarding applicability and compliance with the Ethics Law. Any person may make a request to the Ethics Commission for an Advisory Opinion. Advisory Opinions are public documents and information which might identify the person subject to the opinion should be absent to the extent possible. The Maryland Attorney General notes that publishing the substance and reasoning of advisory opinions benefits the public at large.)

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